Walnut wood , Advantages of Walnut wood & disAdvantages of Walnut wood


Walnut is a premium timber. It is a specialist hardwood. The grain is straight but it can be irregular. Walnut timber is really decorative. It carries a lot of design for the interior. It has a moderate natural lustre. Walnut timber is moderately durable. It is medium density.

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Advantages of Walnut

  • Walnut gives vivid highlight to the grain.
  • It works well with machine and hand tools.
  • Walnut timber is good for turning and carving.
  • The right glues and polishes can be successfully done in walnut timber.
  • It stains and finishes well.
  • Walnut timber responds well to steam bending.
  • It has a good dimensional stability.
  • It is shocking resistant.
  • It has a fine texture.
  • Overall walnut has a good strength.
  • It has low stiffness.

Disadvantages of Walnut

  •  Walnut is hard.
  • It has been reported as a “sensitizer”.
  • It includes eye and skin irritation.
  • Walnut timber is high in the prices for a domestic species.
  • It is susceptible to insect attack. Planer tear out can sometimes be a problem in walnut timber./li>
  • It has a faint, mild odor while being worked.
  • It has a medium maintenance movement.
  • Walnut timber has difficulty to treat acid contents.
  • Walnut timber finds the problem with density.
  • It is not termite resistant.
  • It is hard.