Oak wood , Advantages of Oak wood & disAdvantages of Oak

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Oak timber is a type of hardwood from the oak tree. It has been used as timber for thousands of years. It is straight grained. It is used for light construction most of the time. Oak timber is used for -homeware, wine barrels, firewood etc.

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Advantages of Oak

  • Oak timber is exceedingly strong.
  • It is durable.
  • It has a long living nature.
  • Oak timber is used for cladding.
  • Oak timber is resistant to fungal attack.
  • It takes glues, nails, and screws well.
  • It is lighter in weight.
  • Oak timber is resistant to decay.
  • Oak timber is extremely resistant to preservative treatment.
  • It is workable with machine or hand tools.

Disadvantages of Oak

  • Oak timber is heavy.
  • It is hard.
  • It has low-moisture content.
  • Oak timber is unsuitable for external use.
  • It is difficult for oak timber to treat acid content.
  • Oak timber reacts with iron, galvanized or copper nails.