Mahogany wood , Advantages of Mahogany wood & disAdvantages of Mahogany wood


Mahogany is a high-quality timber. It is grown commercially almost in every continent. Mahogany is widely used in the furniture and cabinet building industry. It is made into plywoods and all kinds of trim. It displays hard grain. It is one of the softer of all the hardwoods that are commonly in use. It is moderate natural luster. The color of mahogany timber darkens with age. The texture is medium and uniform. The price of this timber is in mid-range.

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Advantages of Mahogany

  • Mahogany timber is very stable.
  • It is resistant to termites.
  • It is very easy to work with tools in mahogany timber.
  • It cuts and machines easily.
  • Mahogany timber sandy very easily.
  • It turns glues, stains, and finishes well.
  • It can bend without splintering or shattering.
  • It possesses a slightly flexible quality.
  • Mahogany timber can resist warping and twist for many years.
  • It is long lasting, strong and beautiful.
  • It contains high density.
  • Each piece of timber is long.
  • Mahogany timber is used for-veneers, musicals instruments, carving etc.

Disadvantages of Mahogany

  • Mahogany timber is vulnerable to insects.
  • It can tear out or chip during machining.
  • It is reported as “sensitizer”.
  • When mahogany timber gets in touch with water, a strong mahogany color comes up.
  • Slight dulling of cutters can occur in this timber.
  • Mahogany timber includes respiratory irritation in eye, skin which includes boil, nausea, dizziness, asthma type symptoms etc.
  • It is vulnerable.