Fir wood , Advantages of Fir wood & Disadvantages of Fir wood

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Fir is one of the world’s best-known timber species. It is a premier building product for a wide range of applications. It is a softwood species. Fir has a very straight grain. Fir has become the standard woods of choice for timber framing. Fir timber is used tin-housing, framing, flooring, lining fascias, bargeboards, and pergolas.

Advantages of Fir

  •  Fir timber ranges in color.
  • Fir machines and turns well.
  • Fir is moderately durable.
  • It is permeable.
  • It Is moderately resistant to decay.
  • Fir timber has a low shock resistance.
  • It has a good strength.
  • Fir can be satisfactorily bonded using the standard procedure.

Disadvantages of Fir

  • Fir timber lacks tensile strength.
  • It is extremely difficult to treat.
  • Fir timber is very stiff.