The different varieties of brown marble include the rich chromatic range of earth tones. Each example can start from breccia structures, more homogeneous, or even striated.

Blue Sodalite :- Is a blue marble composed of lazulite, calcite, and pyrite. The symbiosis between calcite and pyrite creates a unique veiled surface that transports us to a velvety cobalt sea furrowed by golden waves.Would you like to know more about the different types of marble that exist? Would you like further information for your project about a marble type that does not appear in the list?

Sequoia Brown :- Is the trade name of a unique crystalline brown marble. It presents a particular striated aspect due to its marked bands in brown, earth, and grey tones.The particular morphology of this natural stone sculpts a beautiful pattern of sinuous forms. The relief of its surface evokes the millenary trunks of the great American sequoias.

Oasis Brown :– Also considered a semi-precious stone Oasis Brown is a brownish marble. It has a crystalline background of coriaceous aspect furrowed by golden veins. The intensity of its range of browns is medium, very close to cocoa tones It is used for interior coatings, bathrooms, and walls, among others.


Guatemala Green :- Also called Indian Green or Oriental Green, Guatemala Green is a serpentine green marble. From its strong arboreal base, numerous very white veins stand out, generating a sharp contrast. Veins and background create an ensemble of great natural beauty and exoticism.

Triana Yellow :- is a yellow dolomite marble. It has numerous grey and ochre veins that reminds of bamboo because of its color.This emblematic natural stone was used to clad the Torre Triana (Seville), a project in which TINO Natural Stone participated. It adopted its name due to its total prominence in the building and is now known internationally as the Triana Yellow. It is used for interior and exterior designs.

Green marble :- The green marble invites to be calm, creating a space in which nature is the great protagonist. The intensity of its green color evokes fresh, tropical, and jungle landscapes. It usually presents white streaks.