Another great family of marble types is black marbles, which include some of the most exclusive examples in the world. The background of each of them may contain different intensities of black and veins of different colors, including white, gold, and light gray.

Marquina Black :- Is a black calcite marble. The intense black color of its base contrasts with the alternation of radiant fossil white veins. Calcite is the main mineral of this rock, present in 98%.

Due to the purity and beauty of its formidable black color, it is being used in interior design projects that are reference projects in terms of quality and exclusivity. Marquina Black enjoys the most significant international recognition.

Portoro:- Is a high-end black crystalline marble. The intense jet color of its base contains a large number of dynamic golden veins and white effervescences that seem to be in motion.This exclusive natural stone is the most expensive black marble in the world.

Black Mirage:- Is a black calcite marble. The tone of its base is reminiscent of obsidian because, in some points, it acquires toasted nuances.

Black Dune :- Has a black background with profuse linear stretch marks with filamentous character.

Black marble :-  Blue Violet seems to be sculpted by the particular morphology of its countless white veins.

Saint Laurent :- Considered a semi-precious stone, Saint Laurent is a coppery black marble from France. Its dark crystalline background contains delicate brown, gold, and white veins touched by occasional notes of coral color.It is a perfect natural stone for design elements and for interior cladding.