New Policy Regarding Stilt+4 floor approval in Haryana

Haryana Government has decided to keep all fresh Stilt + 4 building plan approvals of Residential Plots in abeyance, including the apptications pending/received for approval.
Accordingly, it is hereby ordered that no new Stitt + 4 floor building plan shall be sanctioned till further orders. However, it is clarified that all earlier sanctioned Stilt+ 4 building plans shall be valid. Further, G+2 Floor and Stilt+3 Floors building plans can be applied for approval as per the prevailing guidelines. These orders shall apply to all departments across
the state viz. TCP, HSIIDC, ULB and HSVP. A core comity is made to discuss on approval of Stilt+4 floors. It may be possible that Officials of Haryana Government at some particular area or at some particular road with Stilt+4 floors will be allowed. Approval of Stilt + 4 floors are now stopped till new order.