Regarding approval of zoning of licensed colonies where layout plans stands approved with density of 18 persons per plot before issuance of order dated 23/02/2023

  1. All fresh Stilt+4 Building Plan approvals in residential plots have been kept in abeyance vide order dated – 23/02/2023. including the application pending / received for approval. Also the Government has Constituted an Expert Committee of the officers vide order dated 16/03/2023 to examine the issues pertaining to construction of Stilt+ 4 floors comprehensively and to recommend future of action in the matter .However the expert committee is yet to submit its recommendation report.
  2. Now application have been received for approval / revision of zoning plans where the respective layout plans have been issued at the time of grant of License , before issuance of order dated 23/02/2023 , considering density of 18 persons per plot ( i.e 4 dwelling units) and do not fulfil minimum density of 240 PPA as per Deen Dayal Jan Awas Yojna Policy-2016. If the density of 13.5 persons per plot ( i.e 3 dwelling units ) is considered .
  3. The matter has been deliberated and decided such cases where layout plan stands issued alongwith license with density of 18 person plot (i.e 4 dwelling units) and do not fulfil the minimum density norms of 240 PPA on the basis of 13.5 persons per plot (i.e 3 dwelling units) , may be considered for approval of zoning plan with 13.5 persons per plot in relaxation of the density norms in DDJAY Policy 2016 , considering fait-accompli. However it is proposed that while approving such zoning plans , the following may be incorporated as zoning clauses:-

a) No. of Dwelling units permitted on each plot : 3

b) Provided that in case the decision dated 23/02/2023 to keep abeyance the approvals stilt+4 dwelling units is revoked by the competent authority and building plans approvals for such                        stilt+4 units is allowed . the Number of dwelling unit permitted on each plot shall be restored to 4 dwelling units.

There orders may be complied with in letter and spirit.

order no :- ZP-1702/ATP(YC)2023   Dated :- 10/05/2023