Birch wood , Advantages of Birch wood & Disadvantages of Birch wood


Birch is a great craft wood. It is an important source of hardwood timber. Birch is of many types like-yellow birch, white birch etc. Yellow birch is commonly used which is also known as grey birch, or swamp birch. It is a light reddish-brown colour. Birch gives low natural lustre.

Figure Source: ig-mod3building.

Advantages of Birch

  • Birch is economical in most cases.
  • Inner birch is aromatic.
  • Birch is long-lasting.
  • It is usually heavy, hard and strong.
  • It is always easy to work with a birch and glues and it finishes well.
  • Birch gives widely ranging appearances.
  • Birch is suitable for high-quality furniture. Birch has great durability.
  • Birch is used for creating strong plywood.
  • Birch is waterproof.
  • Birch can easily support a large structure .
  • It is used in- boxes, crates, skateboards, furniture, and other wood items.
  • Birch gives wavy fine texture.

Disadvantages of Birch

  • Birch is perishable, readily rot and decay.
  • Birch is susceptible to insect attack.
  • Birch can cause tear-outs during machine operations.
  • Birch is reported as “sensitizer” which includes respiratory irritation.
  • Birch is slow-growing.
  • Birch is harder than other hardwoods.