What Is Bill Of Quantities (BOQ)?

What Is Bill Of Quantities (BOQ)?

A Bill of Quantities (BOQ) is a report made by an amount assessor or cost specialist that contains data on the amount of materials, work , and their costs in a development project. The Bill of Amounts is a fundamental piece of the delicate. Without a reasonable Bill of Amounts, a delicate is fragmented. It by and large incorporates data, for example, the extent of work, the expense of work, the materials used, the quantity of laborers utilized, etc. Project workers can utilize this data and information to cite rates for their particular work. A Bill of Amounts guarantees that the task moves along as planned and without inconveniences. A Bill of Amounts is some of the time utilized as a kind of perspective for future ventures. After a development, plan has been finished and determinations have been made, BOQs help in cost calculation. It goes about as a significant connection between partners, experts, architects, and project workers.

Purposes of Bill of Quantities:-

  1. To make the offering system more uniform.
    2. For laying out a strategy for esteeming the task that is both straightforward and definite.

    3. To give an exhaustive portrayal of the work and its rates, as well as the general expense.

    4. To help amount assessors in guaranteeing that singular project workers have documented legitimate tenders that conform to the details.

Significance of Bill of Quantities (BOQ):-

  1. Quite possibly of the most fundamental report in the development business is the bill of amounts.

    2. A Bill of Amounts offers a project worker a reasonable image of the entire venture about which worker for hire needs to deal with it.

    3. BOQ gives a base to the clients for esteeming, looking at tenders, and contrasting agreements.

    4.It’s expected for setting up the workers for hire’s last bill.

General Format of a BOQ:-

BOQ is ready in plain structure which incorporates Thing nos., Thing portrayal, Amount, Unit of estimation, Unit rate, Sum, and Comments (if any). BOQ’s fundamental configuration is as per the following:

Bill Of Quantities
Bill Of Quantities

How to Prepare Bill of Quantities :-

There are three essential stages to making a BOQ. Coming up next are the subtleties:

1. Description of work

This is the first and most significant stage in making a BOQ. The work to be done is point by point and written in basic words with the goal that the worker for hire knows precisely exact thing the person is obligated for.

2. Amount take-off

The amount of work is determined and taken off once the work is portrayed. It gives an exact gauge of the amount of work that a worker for hire will be liable for. How much work is estimated in Cu. m, Sq. m, rm, foot, and different units according to particulars.

3. Rates per unit of work

The last stage in making a BOQ is portraying the paces of work things per unit. Every thing’s rates are determined. Market overview, current rates, timetable of rates (SOR), and different rules are thought of. Ultimately, the all out amount of work is duplicated by the unit pace of the thing of work to compute the aggregate sum for a particular thing of work.

Common Errors in Bill of Quantities Preparation :-

1.Error in computing the amount of work and the paces of work things.

2.Inaccurate suppositions about specific work things.

3.The inaccurate estimation is taken.

4.Work things can be counted two times.

5.Taking trivial things to work.

6.Taking trivial things to work.


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