Steel is the world’s most important engineering and construction material. It composites of- iron, carbon & other elements. Iron is the base of steel. Though steel is harder and stronger than iron. It possesses high tensile strength, super flexibility, and low cost. Producing one ton of steel requires 40% of the energy. Steel is widely used in different sectors.

Uses of Steels

Some vital utilizations of steels are given below:

  1. Steel is environment-friendly & sustainable. Its posse’s great durability.
  2. Compared to other materials, steel requires a low amount of energy to produce lightweight steel construction.
  3. Steel is the world’s most recycled material which can be recycled very easily. Its unique magnetic properties make it an easy material to recover from stream to be recycled.
  4. Steel can be designed into various forms. It gives better shape and edge than iron which is used to make weapons.
  5. Engineering steels are used for general engineering and manufacturing sectors.
  6. Steel is highly used in the automobile industry. Different types of steels are used in a car body, doors, engine, suspension, and interior. The average 50% of a car is made of steel.
  7. Steel reduces CO2
  8. All types of energy sectors demand steel for infrastructure and resource extraction.
  9. Stainless steels are used to produce offshore platforms and pipelines.
  10. Steels are used for packaging and protecting goods from water, air and light exposure.
  11. Most of the household appliances like fridge, TV, oven, sinks, etc are made of steel.
  12. Steels are used for producing industrial goodies like farm vehicles and machines.
  13. Stainless steel is used as a cutlery material.
  14. Because of its easily welding capability and attractive finishing, steel has become a prominent feature in modern architecture.
  15. Stainless steel gives a hygienic environment. That’s why it is used for surgical implants.
  16. Steel has a wider range of temperature which is used to make large sheets.
  17. Renewable energy resources like solar, hydro and wind power use the stainless-steel components.
  18. Mild steel is used for building construction. It is also a highly favored building frame material.