It is very important to arrange or manage spaces to their best spaces to get the maximum benefit from the Vastu Shastra. Hence 1st of all we are going to discuss about the location and placements of bedroom to their best location. as the bedroom is a primary unit and very important.we have the special places for special bedrooms to have.

A bedroom is the place where we retire after strenuous day’s job to relax and have a sound sleep to gain energy for the next day.

As per Bedroom Vastu Shastra acceptable shapes for are square or rectangular.

In Architecture we study about the golden ratio i.e 1 : 1.6 .

in vastu as well we consider teh sizes of bedrooms should be in ratio of 1: 1.6 . means if bedroom is 10 feet wide it should be 16 feet deep.

it shows a good standard bedroom.