Aluminum composite panels have been in significant demand for constructing transportation, building, and cars. They are flexible, allow for easy creation, are lightweight, and permit innovative and creative design. They are solid and durable and can be considered an excellent sustainable material to create signage, building, or any other item you can think of. In this article we are going to talk about top 10 ACP sheet company in India.

There is a massive demand for ACP sheets producers is growing rapidly, and there are now millions of new manufacturers of sheets that buyers demand. If you’re contemplating buying the most premium and highest quality ACP sheets, then we have developed a fantastic alternative for you.

Best ACP Sheet Company

Aluminum Composite Panel is the full form of the ACP Sheet. It is composed of three layers. The Aluminum Surface is the first layer, followed by the Polyethylene Care Core or Mineral Fire Rated core, and finally, the Aluminum Surface. These sites refer to a thin sheet at its bottom and a thick sheet in the middle. This material is made up of two types. The first is a plastic polyethylene core material, and the second is a fire-resistant material. They each have their specialties. What is the best Top 10 ACP Sheet Company In India, and how can you get the List of Aluminium Composite Panel manufacturers in India? All your problems are solved here with this article. 

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Top 10 ACP Sheets Manufacturer in India

Presenting top 10 ACP Sheet Manufacturer in India:

1. Reynobond

Reynobond ACP, Best ACP sheet company, Best ACP sheet company
Top 10 ACP Sheet Company In India

Reynobond India is an emerging manufacturer of ACP and HPL in India. ReynoArch India manufactures their High-Quality Products under two brands, ‘ReynoArch,’ our premium brand for EN Fire-Resistant ACP and HPL & Non-FR core ACP and HPL sheets second brand be ‘Facade,’ our Economic series of Non-FR core ACP. ReynoArch India embraces your innovative design and presents you with the ideal way to follow the world’s path.

Since its inception in 2020, ReynoArch has been commanding an unshaken trust in the industry by dint of its die-hard commitment towards quality, innovation, and customer delight.

2. ReynoArch

ReynoArch ACP, ACP sheet manufacturers, ACP Sheet manufacturer in Delhi
Top 10 ACP Sheet Company In India

Since its inception in 2020, ReynoArch has been commanding an unshaken trust in the industry by dint of its die-hard commitment towards quality, innovation, and customer delight. ReynoArch is an end-to-end Indian Aluminium Composite Panel ACP & High-Pressure Laminates HPL manufacturer, powered by cutting-edge production facilities at Rajasthan.

The entire best-in-class ReynoArch product range is thus ‘Made in India.’ Spread over 8 acres, Adhering to the founding principle of hard work, our endeavors have allowed us to carve an unprecedented niche in the market. Today, the ReynoArch group is known for its quality products and values of integrity and reliability.

3. Virgo ACP

Virgo ACP,
Top 10 ACP Sheet Company In India

Virgo Group is a Delhi-based company that is believed to be the biggest multinational producer and distributor of the Aluminium rolling product in India. With over 1 million square feet of space to manufacture and an office comprised of more than 3000 workers, they can offer tonnes of their products on the market each week.

Their products are premium quality and innovative in design that impresses customers every time. Their products show finery as well as durability, strength, and flexibility. The company has over 10 years of experience manufacturing aluminum rolls and coils products. Their best ACP sheets are available under the brand name Virgo ACP. They give an old-fashioned, trendy, vintage, or any style you like and are used for creating signage, roofs, and other interior uses in addition. Take a look at Virgo ACP and take advantage of the best prices.

4. Alex Panels

Alex Panels
Top 10 ACP Sheet Company In India

Alex Aluminium Composite Panel is a Dehradun-based company with ISO 9001 & OHSAS 18001 certified. It is a subsidiary of Punjab Plywood Industries, a well-known pillar of the Indian plywood industry known for its high quality. The company is known under the name Black Cobra.

Alex makes use of “Kynar 500” resins for its exterior grade that ensures durability and anti-fungal properties. Beginning with the basic materials through to the Adhesive employed, ACP sheets are of the highest quality and have adaptability. There is a constant quality inspection in every manufacturing stage to ensure adequate thickness, density strength, and coating quality and grade of Aluminium.

5. Aludecor

Aludecor Panels
Top 10 ACP Sheet Company In India

Aludecor Lamination Private Limited is a Kolkata-based business and is considered one of the pioneers within the ACP sheets for business markets. The company was founded in 2004 and operated with a constant flow of confidence and trust by the customers. Aludecor, all of its products, is a “Made in India” quality, i.e., they are famous for their aesthetics and unique design.

The company has collaborated with some of the most prestigious National and International brands such as Samsung, AMUL, Toyota, KFC, Hyundai, Jaguar, HDFC, and various other big names. Before creating a quality product available to customers, they undergo multiple tests, such as color, fire, mechanical, and others. Check out their website and then purchase the next item on their list.

6. Viva

VIVA ACP, Aluminium composite panel
Top 10 ACP Sheet Company In India

Viva is a Mumbai-based firm known as a significant and renowned brand in ACP sheets in India. The manufacturing plant is located in Gujarat, and the production capacity is seven million sq m. It was founded in 2003. and is now an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 and “CE” Certified Company with an 18-story warehouse and more than 500 dealers across India.

 The Viva Aluminium composite panel is of superior quality, as you may have already realized, and provides endurance at all times. ACP’s ACP texture is glossy and durable as well, and the other features of top-quality products have resulted in us being Viva, an industry leader. Top and most reputable aluminium composite panel producers in India.

7. Eurobond

Eurobond ACP
Top 10 ACP Sheet Company In India

Eurobond is a Bombay-based business known as an early adopter of Aluminium Composite panels. The company is under the umbrella that is Euro Panel Products Pvt. Ltd. is a market leader in providing ACPs for various industry sectors.

 Eurobond is renowned for its new products that are affordable price. 


aluboard acp
Top 10 ACP Sheet Company In India

 Wonder ALU Board Overseas is a New Delhi-based company that is the largest manufacturer and distributor of Aluminium Composite Panels in India. The manufacturing facility in Rajasthan covers the area of 50,000 square feet and is accompanied by many groups of experts and professors.

The aluminium composite panels are light but durable in quality and are used for various applications. They are certified quality and are cost-effective. Their key features are Elegant design, top-quality finish, and abrasion resistance.

9. Alstrong

Top 10 ACP Sheet Company In India

As the name suggests, Alstrong creates unique and robust Aluminium composite panels. It is a Delhi company with its headquarters in Delhi, and the manufacturing facility is located in Jammu. The company is home to 20 company offices, 17 Warehouses, and more than 400plus PAN- India sales representatives. Its own logistics team can provide its products on time and at the agreed time.

They are known for their use of Korean and Japanese technology to create ACP sheets that are top in quality. The material and design are highly durable, non-maintenance, and safe for the environment. As for aesthetics, they are always able to provide better-looking products.



 Alucobond is another well-known company in India known for its premium ACP panels. The company is located in Bombay and was founded in 1969, and the manufacturing plant is located in Maharashtra. The company’s mission is modern-day construction, and with more than 50 years of expertise, they offer a simple but functional design and materials that last for a long time with you.

They produce premium panels that have a distinctive appearance and fire-resistant characteristics. They are water-proof and scratch-resistant by the firm material and lightweight in weight.


Top 10 ACP Sheet Company In India:- In conclusion, ACP Sheets are perfect for Your infrastructure because they give them a vintage look and are fashionable. If you choose the best quality ACP sheets, you can achieve your dreams of stunning construction, industry, or something else. These are the top 10 aluminium composite panel producers in India recognized for their sheets that are tough and long-lasting.