Water tank Vastu ensures that water tanks in your home are as per bringing Vastu shastra and aren’t bringing-in ill-effects to the residents.

Water tanks have different effects – and behave differently when located in different places.

The effect – or ill-effect – of water tanks depends upon where it’s located with respect to the house.

Hence, it’s important to locate them as per Vastu shastra and water tank Vastu helps us achieve just that.

Now, in a house, a water tank can be located via 2 ways:

  1. Underground– the ones that are dug up
  2. Overhead or roof top– The ones that are placed on the roof

For both types of water tanks (underground and overhead) Vastu shastra has got rules and regulations that you need to know and implement while locating a water tank – of either type – in your home.

As said earlier, incorrectly placed water tanks – of any type – brings malefic affects to the residents of the house.

On the other hand, properly placed tanks could help attract wealth, name & fame, abundance and prosperity.

So without any delay, let’s dive right into learning vastu principles for water tanks in a home.

As we’ve discussed earlier that water tanks can be of two types, namely, underground and overhead.

As per Vastu for water tanks, an underground water tank behaves way differently than the overhead one.

Hence there’re different set of Vastu tips and rules for each type of water tank.

Now, to make it easier for you to understand, I’ve divided this section of the article in 2 parts.

The first part deals with Vastu tips for overhead water tanks and the second part with that of underground ones.

So, let’s begin with the first part.

Overhead Water Tank Vastu – How to Do It

An overhead water tank is the one that you place on the roof of the house.

This means that an overhead water tank puts load on the area where it’s located.

This is the reason why you need to locate the overhead tanks at permissible Vastu locations.

To make it easy for you to comprehend the permitted Vastu locations for overhead tanks, I’ve made an image (that you can see below).

This image reveals the best location of overhead water tanks in a house as per vastu Shastra.

Do have a very good look at it.

Overhead Water Tank Vastu – The Best Locations

Here’s what the image means:

  1. Best located in SW or West
  2. Can be located in South too
  3. NW is the last option for overhead water tank placement (the tank should be small & 2-3 feet away from NW corner)
  4. Never locate it in NE as that makes NE heavy
  5. Don’t locate in SE; results in loss of wealth and accidents
  6. Never locate at the center of house

Apart from all this, here’re more vastu tips for overhead water tank.

Overhead Water Tank – What to Do

  1. Keep SW and South tank on a platform that’s 1-2 feet higher than the roof.
  2. For a tank in West there’s no need for a platform; you can place the tank at roof level.
  3. Blue or black colored plastic tanks can be used (avoid plastic tanks)
  4. Keep the tanks completely covered
  5. Clean the tanks regularly
  6. Have separate water tanks for kitchen and bathrooms/toilets

Overhead Water Tank – What to Avoid

  1. Avoid using plastic water tanks
  2. Never locate a water tank above a kitchen or bedroom
  3. No dampness or leaks from tanks (especially in SW)

These were all the overhead water tank vastu tips that you need to take care of.

Vastu for underground water tank is discussed in the next section, so just read on.

Underground Water Tank – Here’s What You Need to Do

An underground water tank is the one that’s dug up in the ground.

This means that it creates a depression in the area wherever it’s created.

This is the reason why you need to make sure to locate it at only permitted areas as per vastu shastra.

Similar to overhead tanks, I’ve created an image (that you can see below) that’ll reveal to you the best and permitted locations (as per vastu shastra) to locate or place an underground water tank in your house.

Do have a look at it too!

Underground Water Tank Vastu – The Best Locations

Here’s what that image means:

  1. Locate the tank towards NE of the house.
  2. The tank can be towards North and East
  3. Tank can also be located at 5thpada in West
  4. If there’s no option than you can also locate the tank in 4thpada in South

Note: In the image you’ll see that there’re locations in North, South, East and West of the house where you can place underground water tanks.

While some Vastu consultants would agree to this arrangement, others would straightway disagree.

Hence, it’s best to locate an underground tank at the “all agreed” location of NE part of the house.

Underground Water Tanks – What to Follow

  1. Always do pooja before digging the earth.
  2. Always make sure to get advice from an expert Vastu consultant

Underground Water Tank – What to Avoid

  1. Avoid dirty tanks
  2. No leakage or seepage
  3. Never start digging on any Tuesday
  4. Never close an incorrectly located tank by yourself

And that’s all there is to when it comes to water tank Vastu.

I hope and believe that you – know – have the knowledge and are in a position to make the water tank in your home aVastuu shastra compliant one!