Method of learning i.e. “Studying”.

Studying needs a lot of attentionconcentration and focus; also, this method of learning needs – or demands – a place where one sits with a calm, composed and an open mind – a place where the grasping power of the mind is increased; a place which increases retention power of brain; a place where one is comfortable and can study undisturbed;

This place is what you call a “Study Room”.

You have a dedicated place – or room – for every activity that you perform in your home, in the same manner, you must have a study room where you – or your children – can concentrate on gaining knowledge.


How Can You Achieve a Vastu Compliant Study Room?


The process to make a study room a Vastu compliant one is a two-step – but very easy – process. The first step to making your study room Vastu compliant is to locate it as per the rules and guidelines of Vastu shastra.

To help you with this – first step – I have created an image which reveals to you the best location to make a study room.

Have a look at it.


Having seen the image, I assume that you now understand that the best location to make a study room is the west portion of your home. However – due to any reason – if the west portion of the home is unavailable then you can make the study room in the northeast corner or east part of the home.

The second – and the final – step that you need to take to make your study room a Vastu compliant one is to read and apply Vastu tips and guidelines.

I have compiled a list of all study room Vastu tips for you. Go through them, one by one.




1. As per Vastu Place study room in West, East or North-East of a home.

2. As per Vastu students, while reading must face either East or North direction.

3. As per Vastu Provide windows in the learning area on the East, North or West walls.

4. As per Vastu Provide doors of the study room in North-East, North, East or West.

5. As per Vastu Avoid doors in the South-East, North-West and South-West corners of the Study Room.

6. As per Vastu Do not sit below the beam while reading.

7. As per Vastu Study place should have an ample amount of light.

8. As per Vastu students should not face blank walls or windows while learning.

9. As per Vastu Space between the student and the wall in front facilitates an open mentality and new ideas come to mind.

10. As per Vastu A solid wall behind the student signifies support.

11. As per Vastu Avoid toilets in the study place as far as possible.

12. As per Vastu Provide a bathroom in the reading room.

13. As per Vastu Provide a book rack or bookshelf on the East or North wall of the reading area.

14. As per Vastu If books are kept in the South-West corner, then they remain untouched.

15. As per Vastu The books kept in the North-West corner get stolen by someone.

16. As per Vastu The bookshelf should never be located over or above the study table.

17. As per Vastu Use a square or rectangular study table for best results.

18. As per Vastu If the study table is rectangular then, the length: and breadth should always be less than or equal to 1:2 e.g if the length of the study table is 4 feet then have breadth between 2 to 8 feet.

19. As per Vastu Keep the study table some inches (at least an inch) away from the wall.

20. As per Vastu for the reading room suggests that the room should have images of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Saraswati.

21. As per Vastu If a student uses a table lamp then place the lamp in the South-East corner of the study table.

22. As per Vastu You can keep a computer in the South-East corner of the study place.

23. As per Vastu Placing a pyramid in the study place balances energies and increases memory power.

24. As per Vastu Mount a pendulum clock on the North Wall of the study area.

25. As per Vastu Use light and soothing colours for walls.

26. As per Vastu Keep the study place cluttered and noise-free.

Hope the above study room Vastu shastra tips help you to gain confidence and concentration in your studies.