Classification of Bricks Based on Shape

Classification of Bricks Based on Shape

Based on shape bricks are of the following kinds:

1.   Bullnose Brick: These bricks are moulded into round angles. They are used for rounded quoin.

2.   Airbricks: These bricks contain holes to circulate air. They are used on suspended floors and cavity walls.

3.   Channel Bricks: They are moulded into the shape of a gutter or channel. They are used in drains. 

4.   Coping Bricks: They can be half-round, chamfered, Saddleback, angled varied according to the thickness of the wall.

5.   Cow Nose Bricks: Bricks have double bullnose known as Cow Nose Bricks.

6.   Capping Bricks: These bricks are used to cap the tops of parapets or freestanding walls. 

7.   Brick Veneers: These bricks are thin and used for cladding.

8.   Curved Sector Bricks: These are curved. They are used in arcs, pavements, etc.

9.   Hollow Bricks: These bricks are around one-third of the weight of normal bricks. They are also called cellular or cavity bricks. Their thickness is from 20-25mm. These bricks pave the way for quicker construction as they can be laid quickly compared to normal bricks. They are used in partitioning. 

10.                  Paving Bricks: These bricks contain a good amount of iron. Iron vitrifies bricks at low temperatures. They are used in garden park floors, and pavements. These bricks withstand the abrasive action of traffic thus making the floor less slippery. 

11.                  Perforated Bricks: These bricks contain cylindrical holes. They are very light in weight. Their preparation method is also easy. They consume less clay than the other bricks. They can be of different shapes like round, square, or rectangular. They are used in the construction of the panels for lightweight, structures, and multistoried frame structures. 

12.                  Purpose Made Bricks: For specific purposes, these bricks are made. Splay and can’t bricks are made for doors and window jambs. Engineering bricks are made for civil engineering constructions such as sewers, manholes, and retaining walls. Fire bricks are made for chimneys and fireworks. Ornamental bricks are made to use for cornices and corbels. Arch bricks are used in arcs.