What You Must Follow

1. As per Vastu puja room Vastu, north-east corner of home is best site for pooja place.

2. As per Vastu East and west are second best locations.

3. As per Vastu Keep the pooja place on ground floor.

4. As per Vastu In big plots or factories etc. construct puja ghar at center; this is very auspicious.

5. As per Vastu Keep the idols in the east and/or west of the prayer room.

6. As per Vastu Place the idols a few inches (at least an inch) away from the wall.

7. As per Vastu Make sure that all the idols are always in perfect condition.

8. As per Vastu Have two shutter doors of high-quality wood for a prayer room.

9. As per Vastu Puja Room can have doors and windows on north or east walls.

10. As per Vastu White or light yellow coloured marble work in the prayer room makes it more auspicious.

11. As per Vastu Use white, light yellow or light blue colours for the walls of the puja room.

12. As per Vastu You can place a lampstand in the pooja room on the southeast or eastern side.

13. As per Vastu If the roof of the puja room is pyramid shape then it’s very auspicious.

14. As per Vastu You can place an Agnikund in the prayer room in the southeast corner.

15. As per Vastu Keep showcases and almirahs towards the west or south walls.

16. As per Vastu Entrance of pooja place must have a threshold.

17. As per Vastu If the prayer area is in the kitchen then keep it in the northeast corner of the kitchen; you should face east while praying. 

 What You Must Avoid

1. As per Vastu The puja place should never be in the south direction of the house.

2. As per Vastu Do not have puja place in a store-room.

4. As per Vastu Never make puja room in the basement or first or above floors.

5. As per Vastu Do not have a prayer place above, below or next to any toilet or kitchen.

6. As per Vastu Avoid puja room or place under a staircase.

7. As per Vastu Idols should never face south.

8. As per Vastu Do not chisel off the wall to make a place for keeping idols.

9. As per Vastu Never keep broken idols.

10. As per Vastu Idols should never be directly in front of the entrance door of the prayer room.

11. As per Vastu Never keep the idols brought from old temples in the prayer room.

12. As per Vastu Women should not enter the prayer room during menses.

13. As per Vastu Scenes or photos of crime, battles or of any negative emotions are a strict “no” in the puja place. 

14. As per Vastu Do not hang photos of animals and birds in the puja place.

15. As per Vastu Never have photos of passed away people in the puja area.

16. As per Vastu Never keep a dustbin in the pooja place; it reduces the positive energy of the room.

17. As per Vastu No one should sleep in the prayer room (except if the prayer room is in the bedroom).

18. As per Vastu Don’t keep the items in the pooja area that do not belong there.

19. As per Vastu Never conceal any money or other valuables in puja place.

I believe and trust that the above Vastu tips for puja will make your prayer room a very auspicious one.